New Zealand’s Most Active Volcano Erupted.



New Zealand’s most active volcano erupted on Monday with at least one person killed and about two dozen still trapped on the popular tourist spot, White Island.
Plumes of white smoke and debris were shot high into the air, and video emerged of some visitors stuck in a crater.
 Rescue operations were on hold until conditions became safe.
Michael Schade, an engineering manager from San Francisco, was one of the tourists who made it off the island minutes before the eruption.
He posted dramatic footage of the blast from the boat he was on, with smoke first engulfing the top of the crater and then the entire island.
” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said there were people unaccounted for after the eruption, which occurred at about 2pm local time (01:00 GMT).
Ardern told a news conference that “A number of people are reportedly injured and are now being transported to shore.
A statement from New Zealand Police said there were thought to be about 50 people on the island at the time of the eruption, and 23 had been rescued.