“Iran never seeks war with the US” President Hassan Rouhani

Standoff between Washington and Tehran escalates after Iranian forces shoot down US drone.

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran “never seeks war” with the US as state media reported amid a spike in tensions between the two countries.

Rouhani added that “Iran has no interest to increase tension in the region and it never seeks war with any country, including (the) US.

Rouhani was speaking by phone to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, as Tehran and Washington engaged in an escalating war of words following Iran shooting down a US drone last week.

Fears of war between the United States and Iran have intensified after a US drone was shot down by Iranian forces.

Washington and Tehran disputed the circumstances of the drone shootdown, with Iran saying the unmanned spy plane was downed after it encroached on Iranian airspace, but the US said the aircraft was hit over international territory.