Brief History

Guarantee Radio is a commercial radio which is transmitted locally and online at 94.7FM and respectively.

Guarantee Radio’s history is dated back to 2017 as the station started it's testing transmission on 4th September, 2017 with Nine (9) Staffs and Guarantee radio started full transmission on 1st Dec. 2017 with 19 staffs after their one month testing transmission, by 1st Jan. 2018 They have 24 staff, and by Much the first quarter of the year 2018 Guarantee Radio has 53 staffs.

Order of Initial Transmission

From the initials, transmission started from 12PM to 6PM.
Later extended to 10AM to 8PM, Later extended to 8AM to 11Pm, Then 7AM to 11PM and finally today (June 2019) transmission extended to 7AM to 12AM.

Our Location

No. 9 Abdullahi Bayaro Road, Nasarawa GRA kano.

Our Mission

To safeguard our culture and moral value as honesty, respect, integrity, and to help improve our youth and women’s education and inspire them in contributing to the development of the society.

Our Departments

Guarantee Radio has departments which include the following

1. Admin Department:
Admin department are of control of all the administration works in the organization. And the department is headed by the head of Admin.

2. Engineering Department:
I obtain my training mostly at the Engineering department. This department is headed by Engr. Kabir Abdullahi Bichi who control the maintenance, Operation and clearing of transmitters.
In Engineering Department is in control of the 3 Studio live or presentation studio, 2 recording studios and also in control of transmission or server room.

3. News and Current Affairs
The work of the department include the news and programs about current affairs like Kicimiya, and political programs Dalla Dalla, Likitan Siyasa, Gaskiya da Gaskiya and Others.

4. Programme Department
The Program Department are responsible for creating programs. Their programs include.

5. Marketing Department
Marketing department are responsible for advertising the station, and are the main source of income to the station by selling of Katin Zabe, Find advertisement from organization, firms and others.

6. Accounting Department
Accounting department are responsible for keeping money paying of salaries of staffs.